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Solar Power Tipping Point

"The world may have crossed a 'tipping point' that will inevitably make solar power our main source of energy," according to a University of Exeter (UK) study published last week.

The study found that "solar PV (photovoltaics) is likely to become the dominant power source before 2050."

Researchers also identified "four 'barriers' (that) could hamper this (solar PV becoming the dominant power source before 2050): creation of stable power grids, financing solar in developing economies, capacity of supply chains, and political resistance from regions that lose jobs.

Here in NJ, these four "barriers" have been largely overcome:

- NJ policymakers have long embraced solar as an economic and job-market engine and have created a friendly environment for solar deployment throughout the state

- There has been and continues to be a strong distribution network for solar materials in NJ, with manufacturers and distributors establishing or expanding their presence in NJ all the time.

- We are not a developing economy, and we do have very good financing programs for solar projects in NJ

- Compared to developing countries, our power grid is in excellent shape. Fears of grid disruption from nefarious means actually only increases the incentive to "go solar"

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