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Renewable Energy, Sustainable Economy

When it comes to delivering quality design, engineering, consulting and installation services, R U Bright cannot be beat.  Our team leverages industry proven partners and technologies to implement the best renewable energy solution available for your situation.  R U Bright has been providing solar and renewable energy

solutions to commercial, educational, institutional, and residential clients since 2012. 

We designed and installed a ground mount to offset 85% of the electricity usage at But-Ter Field Farm in Shamong.  After the first month, the owner called and said his August bill went from $400 to $50.
"How much to make the $50 go away?"
So we designed Phase 2 to blend right into Phase 1.  He has generated enough electricity to power 7 stadiums!
Butch - Shamong, NJ
R U Bright LLC got contacted from Enphase to see if we could talk to an existing customer who was having a problem with his system.  We got in touch, reviewed his situation, got him over $5,000 back from the original installer who had kept his SREC income (bad form installer), determined that the system had been damaged by squirrels, replaced the chewed wires, installed a squirrel guard, and remedied his monitoring problem.
"Thanks for doing what you said you would do...and in a timely fashion."
Tom - Westmont, NJ
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